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The Credit Agricole Group CERT (CERT-AG) is the operational team fighting against cybercrime affecting Crédit Agricole Group entities and their customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Email :

You can contact CERT-AG at the following address : cert@credit-agricole.com to report a security incident involving the Credit Agricole Group or one of its subsidiaries as a source or target of an attack or any cyber threat.

To send us encrypted electronic communications, you can use our PGP key with identifier D648DA81 and with the fingerprint 920E 47AD 4664 465E 1369 0F5E 7C4E 2457 D648 DA81

The PGP key of the Crédit Agricole Group CERT is available : here

Postal Address :

For any other contact you can write to us at the following address :

Crédit Agricole SA
12 Place des Etats-Unis
92127 Montrouge

RFC 2350 :

For more information, please refer to our RFC.

Authorized to use CERT(TM) - CERT is a mark owned by Carnegie Mellon University CERT-AG is accredited by TI First member